Monday, May 9, 2011

[ Megurine Luka ] - "ASH" - english lyrics

Author: KurozumiP
Translation: naruto44355
Vocal: Megurine Luka


Both our futures are broken now
She's just like before, lying with her shattered body.

That face smiling everyday, everytime,
Due from the usual crossroad, it got stained with red.

Those screaming voices are unreachable
I only stood and watched;
I didn't hold onto that heavenly hand, now I'll receive death.
It was you I couldn't protect.

That name I yelled half-heartedly will never return
It was you that I held so tight that day
But now you've returned to that forever-lasting sleep...

With my blind eyes I colored the future
I hugged the phantom I thought it was so real

That smiling face you once had whispered: "I'll leave this place"
But my ears couldn't swollow it and threw it away.

I was frightened of becoming hollow.

These overflowing memories won't melt - but they'll drown
You were the one I loved and held tightly
You'll forever live on my palm.

You're breaking me eternally.

Now I'm ruined, blind; I'm screaming and struggling
You were the one who vanished from my hand
"Let's end it together," with our lives
"You're gone and dead"

"Goodbye," my sweetheart
This smiling face I cherished
Burst out and fell from my palm.


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